Let’s Talk // The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

Hey y'all just here dropping my thoughts on this new fantasy that's taking over the book community, kinda like the entity in the book 😈 ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── "Branches and Stones. Daggers and Bones." The basis of this story is that the Town of Four Paths was founded in 1847 by… Continue reading Let’s Talk // The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman


Let’s Talk // Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy

Hey y'all! Back with another book discussion for ya. This one is probably just going to be me gushing about how amazing this book was and how important all of the messages and themes are. It was action packed, witty, intense, and so damn good. ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── "We are the… Continue reading Let’s Talk // Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy

My First Quarterly Review

This is my very first opportunity to participate in a Quarterly review and I'm not too sure how this works but I'm going to give it a try! So far I've read 28 books this year (working on finishing 29 tonight) ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── The books I've read this Quarter! ───… Continue reading My First Quarterly Review

Let’s Talk // Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

I did one other book discussion like this earlier in the year for Throne of Glass (click the link to check it out) and I wanted to start implementing these regularly for books that I'm reading that aren't ARCs. These will just be a laid back discussion and some of my thoughts after reading whatever… Continue reading Let’s Talk // Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

Rebel by Beverly Jenkins

"Does your intended prefer the hellion or the meek miss?" "Why does that matter?" "Because I see a woman settling for a small piece of cake when she can have it all." ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── Synopsis:In New Orleans post-Civil War, we encounter the beautiful Valinda Lacy. Born a freewoman she moved… Continue reading Rebel by Beverly Jenkins

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

"You have to fight for what you deserve. What you want is no more or less important than what anyone else wants." ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── Synopsis: Georgette Castle has struggled to be taken seriously her entire life. She's always been the little sister, the baby. Quite frankly she's over it and… Continue reading Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert

"His smile was a gorgeous kind of danger. No wonder so many people got lost in him. He was a bad boy fantasy with a dirty mouth and a bleeding heart." ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── Synopsis:Zach Davis is a people pleaser, he's a caretaker to his family, and a hard worker. It's… Continue reading That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert