A Holiday Book Review // Wrapped By Rebekah Weatherspoon

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Shae is a successful business owner of a very popular bakery and while baking may come easy to her, love hasn’t. After problems in her longtime marriage lead to a divorce Shae took a break but decides it’s time to get back out there and picks up a dating app; after she matches with an old coworker she doesn’t expect Santa to deliver the perfect guy to her doorstep just in time for Christmas but ‘Tis the Season!

Aidan is the IT guy and he’s had his eye on Shae ever since he first saw her at work so when she left to open her own business all he could think about were the desserts that she would bring into the office and everything in between.

In this Holiday Novella by Rebekah Weatherspoon you’ll find steamy sex scenes, an undeniable connection, and two characters who are just trying to navigate their way through love.

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My Thoughts:

Rebekah Weatherspoon’s novellas are always super short and so fun to read. I loved that Shae was a baker and that she was so open about her insecurities and her struggle with anxiety; it was equal parts relatable and endearing I just wanted to hug her and be her best friend. When she matches with Aidan on a dating app of course her and her friends send up a prayer to Santa that he’s not too good to be true. To Shae’s complete horror he ends up being perfect and that scares her more than anything since she knows firsthand that love doesn’t always work out.

Aidan was seriously everything you could want in a guy, smart, caring, funny, respectful, hot, PACKIN’ (if you know what I mean) and just an all around good person. I couldn’t help but adore his character for how well he treated Shae and how he opens his heart to her even if things weren’t always easy.

If I had to be picky and choose a con I would say that the dialogue felt stilted at times and it didn’t flow, but I was so invested in the story it didn’t matter. The things I love about Rebekah’s books are that it’s not always a typical happy ending, many of them are realistic and instead of the end of the story showing a happily ever after, it shows two people beginning a journey together and I really love that.

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I would recommend these any of Rebekah Weatherspoon’s novellas to any romance readers and readers who love erotica. I rated this holiday novella 3/5 stars and hopped right into another of her books right after I finished! Happy Holidays readers✨

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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