A Book Review // The Bromance Bookclub by Lyssa Kay Adams

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Gavin Scott’s marriage is on the brink of disaster after he finds out that his wife Thea has been “faking it” in bed their entire relationship, and after being asked to leave he decides that he’ll do anything to get his wife and family back. This pro baseball player is in for the game of his life when his friends present him with the solution to his marital woes, A Bromance Bookclub.

With help from the characters of Courting The Countess and his teammates, Gavin will use old school romance to save his marriage and to maybe find some hints on how to improve at “Homeplate”. Lyssa Kay Adams delivers a fun, refreshing romance with Historical and Modern characters that will keep you wanting to read late into the night.

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My Thoughts:

I knew from the premise alone that I should buckle in and prepare for romance that wasn’t going to take itself too seriously. When I found out that Gavin and Thea were on the verge of breaking up because she had been faking orgasms and he found out unexpectedly I had to pause for a moment, but what came after was honestly pretty enjoyable. Despite their problems in bed Gavin and Thea have some underlying trauma that they needed to deal with and this story was all about confronting your “Backstory”. I loved the fact that Gavin had a stutter and it was present consistently throughout, it was representation that I wasn’t used to and it was done WELL. I loved that Thea was a mother with a mission to go back to school and live for herself for once, she had always put her family and Gavin’s career before her own and I loved that she was willing to put herself first and really live her most truthful life with everyone including Gavin.

As far as romance stories go, it was different and actually poked fun at toxic masculinity and provided plenty of scenes where The Bromance Bookclub was battling patriarchal values while learning how to be better partners and parents for their families. The rules that came with participating in the bookclub were hilarious and as the story went on Gavin was plagued by the voice of a British Romance Character that was determined to let him know when he was being a complete wanker. I knew that this would just be a lighthearted read to break up my heavy reading and I wasn’t disappointed. It was like watching a rom-com play out and by the end of the book I was so ready for the sequel, if you want good chemistry, endearing characters, and men who aren’t afraid to get in touch with their feminine side then you’ll love this story.

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Of course there will be criticism about the premise but I think the overall execution was well done. There wasn’t that much depth or information about the characters’ lives prior to the story but the information we were given was enough to put together the pieces. I hope that everyone will give this book a chance and just enjoy reading a story that was created to make you laugh, open you up to new perspectives and make you remember that reading is for the escape.

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