ARC Review // Work For It by Talia Hibbert


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Griffin Everett is the resident outcast in the small village of Fernley and the people treat him like he’s a permanent eyesore on the prim and proper town. During his free time he helps at a local farm producing recipes and helping the Elderflowers grow, and when he’s not doing that he’s hanging with his ever sunny best friend Rebecca.

Olumide Keynes is looking for a getaway from everything. His past, his problems, and his depression. Trying to find his way out of the hole an ex dug him into Keynes throws his all into trying to find his desire back, trying to find himself. When Griffin and Keynes meet it seems like lust at first sight until Keynes breaks it off and pushes him away, luckily since hardwork is what keeps Keynes going, volunteering at the local Elderflower Harvest might be just what he needs.

When the two bump into each other on the farm it seems that nothing will stop Keynes from irritating Griffin, and it seems that nothing will stop Griffin from thinking about how Keynes is the only thing on his mind.

Within the pages of this M|M romance you’ll find two people trying to heal from loss, sordid pasts, and two people who aren’t perfect but are willing to work towards something better, a future.

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My Thoughts:

I’m new to male|male romances so when Talia sent me this ARC I was so excited to dive into a facet of romance. I was instantly taken with Griffin because of his personality, he’s shy, introspective, a literal giant, and a wonderful caretaker. His mother was ostracized and mistreated her whole life by the people in town and when she committed suicide Griffin was left to pick up the pieces and endure gossip about her death, so to find peace he works at the farm keeping things growing and beautiful.

Throughout the novel you get to sink into Griffin’s thoughts and where him feeling unwanted and used come from. Although Griffin is the boss at work HIS boss doesn’t ever give him the credit he deserves for his recipes that bring in new customers to the farm, and when Keynes shows up he helps Griffin realize that he needs to fight for what he deserves and not let his fear of coming off “oafish” keep him silent. I loved how caring he was and how observant, and how his rugged outsides didn’t match how soft he was on the inside.

Olumide Keynes is a traveler, he travels every time he needs to run from his problems and ever since his ex outed him publicly and used his family to get the upper hand he’s been trying to pick the pieces up and find a new path to take. Even though he grew up well off he was no stranger to being neglected so as he got older he became somewhat of a surrogate parent to his sister, and as they’ve gotten older they’ve worked at repairing the love they’ve missed growing up. With Keynes’ sister due any moment he decides that two weeks helping out with the Elderflower harvest is just what he needs to help, because hard work will heal anything.

One thing that Keynes is looking to conquer with his time away from home is mental clarity and to also take back his mind and body from the abuse he went through with his ex. It seems that no man will ever make Keynes feel passionately again until he meets Griffin in a bar and things start moving all too fast. Keynes suffers from Depression and Anxiety and how it manifests is very apparent to Griffin; he’s always making sure that he’s respecting boundaries and has consent. I loved that nothing was easy between the two of them but everything made sense, it wasn’t a conflict of head it was a conflict of the heart and this story will forsure take you on an emotional ride.

I’m a sucker for a chosen family story and this story was full of love in unsuspecting places, and it showed a different kind of story than I expected. Although the cover is flowery and beautiful the contents can get somewhat dark at times but as time has always shown, you can heal by moving forward. The title means a lot more to me now that I know exactly what the two men went through to be together and I can’t wait to revisit this story again. It was raw and real and made me self reflect at times, the mental health representation also meant a lot to me as well. I think it’s important to show how relationship dynamics can change when a partner struggles with mental illness and not everyone is as lucky as Keynes because Griffin lived and helped his mother for years with her depression so he knows what it’s like. It was so nice to watch the two fall into each other and learn how to laugh and be free. This book was so amazing.

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If anyone is looking for a new M|M romance to try I would totally recommend this one. It’s gritty and not all beautiful sometimes but the relationship left me smiling and the ending was definitely worth it. This would be a wonderful story for people who are looking for great Mental Health Rep and a story that’s different from the usual kind of romance.

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Happy Reading!✨

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