Book Review // The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare

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Penelope Campion is by all means a spinster and an outcast in her town. With her obsession with taking care of animals of all shapes and sizes she has effectively pushed everyone away and if she can’t make her family believe she can get rid of her animals become a respectable woman in society then she’ll have to uproot her life and move back home to the family estate.

Gabriel Duke has clawed his way up from the trenches to wealth and if he can’t get the crazy spinster next door to get rid of her animals then he can’t sell his newly remodeled home to members of the Gentry and Gabriel doesn’t get ruined, he does the destruction. When Penelope says that it’s his responsibility to find the animals loving homes they fall into a Wager that will change the both of them forever.

In the third installment in The Girl Meets Duke Series, Tessa Dare will take you on a wonderfully humorous and heart wrenching story of two people that have endured the worst of life and choose to move forward.

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My Thoughts:

I absolutely LOVED this book, from cover to cover loved it. Penny was my favorite character in the series and to finally be able to follow her story was a treat; For most of her life she’s taken care of animals with special needs and an unfortunate incident at ball in her youth has effectively rendered her a homebody because she’s been afraid to show her face for so long. When her Aunt comes around and tells her that she has to get with the program or come home the answer to her problems moves in next door.

Now that Penny has met Gabriel the two have to find each animal a sensible home or they both fail. This book came through with the mishaps and the steamy scenes, the characters had a palpable attraction and they were such polar opposites it made it fun to read. Gabriel’s hard exterior was no match for Penny’s loving essence and she knows firsthand what it’s like to feel unwanted and unloved. If you’re a fan of “The One Bed Trope” or “The Secret Lovers Trope” then this is the one for you.

The story isn’t all rainbows and sunshine though with themes of child neglect and child abuse mentioned, but the characters are able to find solace and trust in each other where they couldn’t find it before. It was really beautiful to see their relationship blossom and it was a story of taking back ownership of your life on YOUR OWN TERMS and I think that’s important thing to take away from this book. I definitely shed a tear or two reading the last half of the book and that ending was so well done.

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I think this is my favorite book in the series so far because of the dynamics of it, Tessa really outdid herself with this one! The characters from other books in the series provided so many smiles for me in The Wallflower Wager, Chase & Ashbury are the honorable mentions, plus who can hate a story with a Parrot that screams obscenities? A complete and total 5 star for me and I need everyone to go out and read this book right now!!!

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With Love✨

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