Book Review // The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

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When Alexandra Mountbatten loses all of her belongings in an unfortunate mishap she happens to be hired by the town harlot Chase Reynaud who is known for his scandalous affairs in town. The stipulations of her employment are simple: Teach his young charges Rosamund & Daisy to become proper ladies in 10 weeks before he ships them off to school.

Throughout her time in the Reynaud Household Alex learns that she might have more in common with the two orphan girls than she thinks; she also finds out that Chase can teach her more about passion that she’s ever known.

In this beautiful and humorous historical fiction Tessa Dare will show you what life can be like when you dare to live among the stars.

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My Thoughts:

I was absolutely IN LOVE with this book!!!! This was my first introduction into Tessa Dare’s works and I was not disappointed. I accidentally read this one before the first in The Girl Meets Duke series but it didn’t hinder my reading in any way. The characters were so funny and charming I wish the book was longer than 250 pages.

Alex Mountbatten is a headstrong and well traveled girl, she’s as beautiful as she is smart so of course she’s a force to be reckoned with. When Alex is pushed into being a Governess she has absolutely no idea where to begin so she uses her imagination and some prior life training to help show the girls how to learn and how to trust. One thing I loved about Alex’s character was her love for Astronomy which is very apparent throughout the book, it actually makes for some beautiful quotes and moments in some of the scenes. Alex’s heart was what I admired most because she always looked into the heart of the person and not just what they were showing to her.

Chase was by far the funniest male lead in a romance I’ve read, he was also the most impulsive. There was no point in time in the book where Chase wasn’t in charge or trying to make things happen his own way which often ended at his detriment. Even though he has a less than happy past he is determined to send the girls off unscathed and to teach Alex the ways of pleasure without falling in love. Obviously that doesn’t work and Chase becomes smitten with Alex and everything she has to offer to him, especially her truth.

The girls Rosamund & Daisy also provided so much comic relief with their repetitive torture of their poor doll Millicent who was prone to plague, dysentery, and other gruesome illnesses. They also helped bring Chase and Alex together whether it be through prank or a hairy situation. This was truly a book about found family and it melted my heart and heated my blood. Tessa Dare is AMAZING.

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Wrap Up:

I would absolutely recommend this historical romance to anyone that wants to get into this part of the genre or anyone that wants a good laugh. This story was quick and easy to get through and held my attention the whole time, the characters were true to the time period as well as the setting. I can’t wait to go pick up the rest of her books! 4.5/5 ⭐️ to The Governess Game!

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