Book Review // The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

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Emma Gladstone is a seamstress who’s only worry is whether she’ll be evicted or not at the end of the week, Ash is a wounded war hero that has lived in recluse for the past two years with no sign of that changing anytime soon.

With no where else to turn for what they need, The Duke proposes that Emma marry him, help him to conceive an heir, and then she’ll be taken care of the rest of her days. The only stipulations are no kissing, no touching, and no falling in love. What could possibly go wrong?

In this steamy historical romance about a marriage of convenience Tessa Dare will take you on a story of two people who have been scorned by the people who they loved but dare to find their way back to it again.

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My Thoughts:

First let me just say that I absolutely love Tessa Dare, The Girl Meets Duke Series is definitely one of my favorite romances to date. These two characters were the epitome of “drug through the mud with trauma” but some how they managed to look through all of the flaws that the other had and find love, and boy was it HOT. When I first read the premise of the novel and what The Duke actually wanted I was like..”this girl can’t possibly agree to just conceive and carry this dude’s child for the money and they just met!” So once I got past the initial weirdness of their contract I was able to fall in love with the characters and side characters alike. Each of the characters were so well written I could almost guess their reactions to what the other had to say, so either these two were a match made in literary heaven or Tessa Dare just DID. THAT.

I have to admit as far as male leads go in a romance I was less than smitten by Ash (The Duke) because of his willingness to be selfish at times and his misogyny, but due to what happened to him I understand. After he was injured in the war and almost lost his life he was left with terrible scars that cover half of his body, to add insult to injury his betrothed LEFT him to pick up the pieces; did I mention that his friends also left too? This has left him with his walls way up and his tolerance for humanity way low considering that everyone treated him as though he was a monster when they saw him.

Emma was totally open hearted and open minded and that’s what was my favorite part about her. When everyone ran from Ash she stayed and she stuck by him, she never let his scars get in the way of who he truly was. As a seamstress Emma has a keen eye for finding the beauty in what could be the ugliest outfits and her ability to piece together her past and help a man that was so broken down from the world was truly touching. The men in Emma’s life have been less than “Knight Worthy”, they’ve casted her to the side and drug her through the mud but she just made a new life for herself from nothing. There’s nothing more empowering than a woman that knows her worth. I absolutely loved all of the women in this novel including Alexandra and Penelope two close friends of Emma’s.

The antics of the servants and even the cat, Breeches, made for crazy funny moments throughout the story. I love an author that can bring humor to an era that people think was humorless, it takes true talent to keep stories like this modern enough to keep the reader’s attention but true enough to the time period to make it believable and Tessa Dare has done that so well. I think readers everywhere will swoon over the contents of this novel because it’s so amazing to see these two characters shed their insecurities (and their clothing) to shape a better future for themselves.

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Wrap Up:

If anyone is looking for an author to start reading historical romance with I would recommend Tessa Dare, The writing is captivating and flows well while not being too dense and boring. The characterization is fantastic and will forsure keep you wanting more in the end. I rated The Duchess Deal 4/5 stars!

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Stay tuned for my review of The Governess Game

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