ARC Review // The Black Veins by Ashia Monet

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“Once upon a time, a young girl lost her family and discovered a new one.”

Blythe Fulton is part of a family of magicians but she has no idea what her power is. During her spare time Blythe works as a barista at her family’s cafe The Full Cup and hangs out with her friend Jamie who is non-binary—agender and tries to make her mundane life together. This all changes one day when her family is kidnapped and her bestfriend Jamie is injured in the process.

With nothing but an old van and a small stash of supplies Blythe sets out to Electric City, a place devastated by the magician’s ongoing war, to save her family; but first she’ll have to find the remaining Guardians so they can use their collective powers to save her family.

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My Thoughts

“Blythe Fulton is not a girl who hides. She is a girl with white fire in her veins. She is a girl who fights.”

WOW. Where do I even begin with this story?!? I was sent this as an ARC from the author Ashia Monet (prounouns: she/they) and I was overjoyed to experience a fantasy full of POC, that had absolutely no romance arc to it. Blythe has to find 6 other Guardians that each control different kinds of elements. Ether, Body, Mind, Nature, Animals, Time & Death. Each of the characters in this novel were so well characterized and each had a fully realized personality that lended a part to the novel. As the novel goes on you start to see that without each piece of the puzzle it just doesn’t seem right! I could sit here and give an in-depth review of each character but I want to let the reader experience each one organically.

This novel was full of action, humor, original magical elements but with a fun urban and INCLUSIVE twist. It’s fully of LGBTQ+ representation and you’re sure to find yourself represented within its pages. I found the main character Blythe to be full of all of the flaws that a teen learning how to wield magic should have had. Nothing was ever easy, and there was never a time that Blythe’s impulsive decision making didn’t lead to some kind of harebrained situation. It was truly endearing to follow the kids on this journey.

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“Somehow, through some weird twist of gate, these people have not deserted her. She has shown them the worst sides of herself, and yet here they stand, refusing to abandon her.”

It’s a story about learning that found families are just as important as your biological ones, a story about learning to lean on other people instead of trying to stay strong by yourself, a story about learning to be brave, and a story about sacrificing for the ones you love. I have no doubt in my mind that this book will change fantasy reader’s minds on how it should be done. It was absolutely refreshing, and such a great addition to my TBR. If you love a magical and messy road trip, if you’re looking for a new magical story to obsess over, or even if you want an inclusive fantasy to sink your teeth into then pick up this book and get to READING.

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Wrap Up:

One thing I loved about this novel was that there was never a dull moment and that each of the characters were consistent. I found myself laughing, groaning, and cheering on the characters while they went on their journey. I loved traveling through the magical forest called The Tempore, I loved the magical cashier at The Magician’s Shop and I loved that it was serious while still be fun to read. I dare you to tell me that you didn’t like it!

─── ・ 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚. ───

The Black Veins comes out tomorrow!

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