Let’s Talk // We Set The Dark On Fire by Taylor Kay Mejia

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“This is your chance. To do More than sit idly by as people are rewarded for doing wrong.”

We Set The Dark On Fire is centered around Daniela Vargas, A Primera at Medio School for Girls. Daniela is the top Primera of her class whose accomplishments are overshadowed by none but Carmen Santo’s, a Segunda rival.

When a security breach at the school brings Dani into the arms of the resistance movement La Voz she has a choice to make, be discovered as an illegal immigrant and throw away all that her parents have sacrificed or join the resistance as a spy and help the people who have been mistreated by the Median Government.

With her new position as wife of one of Medio’s most promising politician’s Daniela risks her life to make a legacy for herself and the family she left behind.

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My Thoughts

“The Government claims the wall exist to keep you safe front the threat beyond it, but ask yourselves: When has there ever been true protest without injustice?”

I loved this book so much! My heart was racing a good portion of the novel because of the wonderful way that Mejia wrote tension. There is so much danger to being a spy among the elite of Medio’s Government but to do it right under the nose of her suspicious husband made for some speed reading through most of the chapters. The story follows Dani after she is married to Mateo Garcia as a Primera alongside her Segunda classmate Carmen Santos and the two begin their lives among high society as the wives of a government official. Every girl who is lucky enough to be trained at Medio’s school for girls is guaranteed a great match but Daniela was always destined for the best and this time she got a lot more than she bargained for. From the beginning Dani questions if she’ll be able to find love like her Mama told her she would and if she would be strong enough to fulfill the duties laid out before her but as every Primera learns, Duty before emotional whims.

I loved Daniela’s voice and how she was able to slip into whatever skin she needed to wear in order to get the job done unnoticed. Throughout the story she’s plagued with thoughts of growing up in her poor town of Polvo and of memories of her childhood with her parents. This battle rages on as Daniela slips farther into her role as a spy and discovers that everything laid out before her has always been covered with some hint of a lie but through it all Dani realizes that she holds the power over herself and she can accomplish anything with her Primera training.

“Maybe this was trust. Giving someone the power to ruin you, betting your life on the belief that they wouldn’t”

I thought the Queer rep was done very well and that the attraction between the characters was palpable and believable. Side note SLOW BURNS KILL ME and enemies to lovers is my weakness. I wanted so much more and when I read the last page I wanted to scream because of how it ended. Many people say that this book is too slow but I feel like this book was more about taking a stance and finding your courage than anything.

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This wasn’t a completely action packed story for people that were looking for one but if you love a story with great wlw representation and beautiful and introspective writing then this is the book for you. The Latinx influences and the powerful messages spread throughout the book make a read that EVERYONE should have on their shelves. I rated this story 4/5 🌟 and absolutely cannot wait for the second installment!!!!

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Thank You For Reading 📚

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