Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Characters

Hey guys! This Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie about any bookish characters that we want so here are a few of mine that I’ve found in 2019 and the reasons WHY I love them so much.

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•Audrey Rose Wadsworth- I recently picked up the Stalking Jack The Ripper Series written by Kerri Maniscalco and I fell in love with just about everything it had to offer. Audrey Rose was so beyond her time especially with her mortician’s apprenticeship with her Uncle. Her family is less than happy with her extracurricular activities but when Audrey is given the opportunity to further her learning she never hesitated. As the book progressed Audrey became even more determined to shed every single value imposed upon her by the men around her and used her wit to solve the shocking case of The Ripper. I loved how strong she was while still being very vulnerable to everything and allowing herself to feel.

Portia Hobbs- Portia is a character from The Reluctant Royals Series written by Alyssa Cole and the reason I loved Portia so much was because everything she was going through resonated with me at the time. Portia went through a part of her life where she made the wrong choices and relied on alcohol to hide from her emotions and she decided to buck up and throw away her vices and make something of herself. She was very anxious of the standard set by her family and hurt that they didn’t understand her as a person but while taking an apprenticeship in Scotland she finds love and herself.

• Laylee Layla Fenjoon- is a character from Whichwood written by Tahereh Mafi. Laylee is a mordeshoor, responsible for cleansing and readying the bodies of Whichwood for burial and passing on. Laylee is horribly disrespected by the people in the town and they don’t pay her for her services or offer her help, so her once revered role in town is now a farce. I loved Laylee because even though it was hard for her she learned to accept love and help from strangers and learned to come into her power and trust in herself.

Emoni Santiago- is a character from With The Fire On High written by Elizabeth Acevedo I adored her story about the growing pains of a teenage mother and her discovery of her skill within the culinary arts. It was a story about family and love and growing out of situations that no longer suit you and diving into the unknown. It was such a heartwarming story and completely different from The Poet X but just as beautiful.

Ben De Backer- is a character from I Wish You All The Best written by Mason Deaver. Ben is one of my favorite characters because they’re one of the only non-binary leads in a story I’ve read this year and their story is a story of loss and discovery and staying true to yourself no matter how hard it is. I think it’s important to read books that offer proper representation and being a non-binary reader it’s great to read stories that show parts of who I am. Did I mention you’ll need a box of Kleenex after this one?

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

Have a Great Day 🖤

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