Pages & Prose Bookclub

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick post letting everyone know about my new bookclub since I haven’t posted about it on here.

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Our 2019 TBR:

• Pages & Prose Bookclub is the brainchild of Lorryn @ Reading Parental and I! Unfortunately our past club didn’t work out but this one is seriously surpassing all expectations.

•We really wanted to have a safe space for people of all races, genders, groups, etc to come and share their love of reading and writing. We have quite a few members already and are always accepting more. You can join Here

•We offer a space for writers to share ideas and set goals, we have separate chats for each genre so you can gush about your fave books and share recs. We also love supporting our Pages Fam so we have a “Toot Your Own Horn” section where you can send your favorite posts or send us pics of your OOTD, fave selfie, or your furbabies and fam in our “Shameless Shelfies” chat.

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• This month we’re reading these wonderful selections:

• Check out our June Buddy Reads here:

I hope you guys will join or read along with us! I can’t express how much I love having this bookclub to escape to; every single person in there, or reading along on Twitter brings something different to it and it means so much to me. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart 🖤

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• Our Twitter: Here

• Our Goodreads: Here

• Discord Chat: Here

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See ya around!

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