Double Trouble! January & February Wrap up✨

Guys! I know what you’re thinking, “this dude has really lost it posting a wrap up from two months ago”. I know, but to be fair it wasn’t a huge reading month for either January OR February so let me just show you instead of telling you. These are all in order of how I read them!

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January Reads:

I read a total of 1,327 pages in January. This was by far one of the worst reading months in a long time but it was an admittedly slow start to the year. There were no 5 star reads in January and my lowest rated book was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Reviews Written:

  • I only wrote a total of 6 posts (including my reviews) in January:
  • ─── ・ 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚. ───

    February Reads:

    I read a total of 2,579 pages in February. This month brought a few more iconic reads considering it was the month that I discovered Alyssa Cole and she completely rocked my world. I think I’ve gushed about The Reluctant Royals Series more times than I could count. On The Come Up was a highly anticipated read that didn’t miss the 5 star mark, I’ve yet to put a review into words but I’ll get one down, promise!

    My 5 🌟Reads of February:

    • On The Come Up by Angie Thomas
    • City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab
    • A Prince on Paper by Alyssa Cole
  • Reviews Written:
  • I only wrote 9 blog posts in February (including my reviews) which I won’t bother posting because they were pretty standard.
  • ─── ・ 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚. ───

    Booktube Stuffs:

    I filmed 7 videos in January for my Booktube Channel:

    I filmed three videos in February for my Booktube Channel:

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    I figured it was about time I got this up even though we’re halfway through March because better late than never, right? March has proven to be a better month for reading as well and I’m excited to continue. I hope your reading has been great so far this year!

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚. ───

    Happy Reading✨

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