The Perfect Date by Evelyn Lozada with Holly Lorincz

“Duke might be the Perfect Date, but he is not the perfect man. How can someone so talented and wealthy be so messed up?”

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It’s always been Angel and her son Jose ever since her mother died and his dad removed himself from the picture at a young age. This has never stop her from working hard and providing for baseball loving son and being the best nurse/bartender she can be.

With her practicum for nursing right around the corner and her sleazy bosses becoming creepier by the day she just wants to hit the light at the end of the tunnel, but life can’t ever just be simple can it?

The Duke is a famous pitcher from the Yankees with a sordid past, his bestfriend was killed in a shooting at a club last year and he was shot in the ankle too. The upcoming season is looming over him and the fact that his ankle just isn’t the same, and no amount of self-medicating will suffice.

Evelyn Lozada & Holly Lorincz present a strong woman of color lead with enough beauty and intelligence to stop your heart. Fans of baseball romances and a ‘do no harm, take no shit’ character will love this romance.

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I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. It in no way sways my opinions of its contents

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My thoughts:

I’ve been reading quite a lot of romance lately so trust me when I say that I’ve picked up on the basic elements of it, this book is anything but. While it seems to be your normal fake dating trope it’s really a story about a young mother who won’t compromise her character or future to keep her son safe. Angel Gomez was refreshing to read because of her real ness, her strength, her power that she wielded like a sword and her intelligence. I’m not saying that I haven’t read a lot of romances with strong female leads but hers just seemed more down to earth and relatable. She’s working two jobs and trying to keep food on the table while dealing with misogyny in the most disgusting forms at both jobs but this is the reality for many women working in fields with male dominated ownership, do you think this stops her from standing up for herself? Not. At. All. There are a few instances where Angel shows us exactly what a backbone is.

What really resonated with me was her extreme worry for her son with asthma, she was even writing her final paper for her practicum on the disparity of deaths with in children of color with asthma vs. white children and asthma overall. I have asthma as well and my mom spent so much of my childhood with me in and out of the hospital and shoving an inhaler in my hand every time I walked out the door. So trust me Angel, your hard work as a mother does not go unnoticed!

Duke presented a fall from grace, his career, his love life, and his finances are on the fritz and he’s gone to extreme lengths to keep his secret hidden with the paparazzi and his coaches but people are finally starting to connect the dots. He asks Angel one day while she’s thrown into helping him if she’ll walk out with him to distract the cameras and from that point on he “fake woos” her aka uses her to keep himself afloat. He has the best of intentions but his old vices like his alcohol usage and his mouth ultimately get him in trouble, not to mention a back stabbing ex and family issues but who doesn’t have those? All that Duke knows is if he doesn’t have baseball he doesn’t have anything but meeting Angel has made him want to change his ways and become a better man, cleats or not. As far as male leads go I thought he was selfish but with a heart of gold. He’s one of those guys that tries to better his wrongs and is willing to prove that to the people he loves even if they don’t always reciprocate that, not to mention that after what he’s been through I get it. One thing was clear though, Angel is the point at which his world pivots around.

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Overall I thought that this was more of a story of self growth and discovery within a romance. I would recommend it to literally anyone, it was fun, relatable and it even had my heart racing at a few parts. The author presented a journey rather than a destination and I loved every bit of the ride. I rated this novel 3.9/5 🌟

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Thank you for reading!

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