Dark Dominions Kickstarter Campaign

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what Dark Dominions is, well look no further! This is a brand new fantasy anthology built upon the solid foundation of Gender Equality! Currently the Kickstarter campaign is gaining momentum but I just wanted to let everyone know a little bit about what this all encompasses✨

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Timeline of Events

Dark Dominions is a brand new fantasy anthology from WriterWriter that includes:

  • 20 original and captivating works of fantasy by writers who you may have heard of as well as talented up and coming ones. Stories include resistance, love, war, betrayal and more.
  • WriterWriter wants to show that in a male dominated space they can show diversity, inclusion and progressive ideals through the stories of equality you’ll read as well as paying each author equally.
  • Why Gender Equality?

  • “Because this is something we’re passionate about. In publishing, the idea remains that women can’t write as well as men, especially not male-dominated fields such as fantasy or science-fiction.

    We want to prove them wrong.

    How we’re going to do that:

    – 50% of our authors will be male and 50% of our authors will be female. 

    – Both genders will be treated equally and paid equally (no preferential treatment).

    – The anthology will feature both strong male and strong female

    From Morgan & David of WriterWriter

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    More information:

    Some illustrators include:

    • Mike Cook
    • Michael Mitchell Jr.
    • Nizar
    • William Zablocki Jr.
    • Gillian Annandale
  • Some authors include:
  • If you would like more details or a more in-depth look at the Kickstarter Campaign Click Here ⚔️
  • If you would like to support the creators of WriterWriter Morgan Wright & WriterWriter
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    Thank You for supporting Dark Dominions!

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