Robbergirl by S.T. Gibson

“All fairy stories start with some terrible truth, and that’s the teeth of the thing. That’s the bit that sinks into people so they never forget.”

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Helvig is the princess of the Robber King and part of a band of thieves that travels Sweden pillaging and stealing to make a living; so when her men happen upon a fair maiden by the name of Gerda walking through the woods in the dead of winter alone she suspects an easy target.

Gerda has a mission and she’s been on the search for years, find the Snow Queen and save her brother. Armed with her trusty crow and her love for her lost sibling she’ll let nothing stand in her way, not even the ghosts that plague the land during Christmastide.

Author S.T. Gibson brings Swedish folklore and adventure to an amazing crossroads in this sapphic winter fairytale. With female leads that are sure to warm your heart and fill you with bravery to endure any cold winter night.

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I received this from the author as an ARC and it in no way sways my opinions of its contents

My Thoughts:

Obviously anyone who knows me knows that I completely love S.T. Gibson so when I found out Robbergirl was a thing I hopped at the opportunity to support and read one of my favorite author’s works. It did not disappoint. I found Helvig to be a wonderful female lead, flawed, strong, and consistent; not to mention that she undergoes the best character development in my opinion. You actually get to watch Helvig actively change her toxic behaviors and become a better person for those around her. Gerda was also a great female lead because she’s unapologetic even when the odds are all stacked against her, she used her beauty as an armor instead of a weapon and used her intelligence to get herself where she needed to be. Truly her story is one of determination and I can’t help but adore these two characters with all of my being. Even the men in her caravan were all well personified and had clear personalities and they all had a purpose and connection to Helvig. Just LOVE IT. This ended up being way more chilling than I expected to be as well, there’s a particular part involving some old spirits and an abandoned church and it was amazing.

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  • F/F representation
  • I’m a sucker for an author who can incorporate accurate folklore
  • The conflicts for each character were given a complete backstory and also resolution. There were absolutely no questions left to be answered at the end of it all.
  • Cons:

    • I wish there were more of the antagonist, MORE EVIL. (I’m really just being picky here)
      I wish we knew even more about Gerda

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    Overall I rated this book 4/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone that would like a F/F romance or even a new age fairytale. I found it to be a whimsical adventure and totally action packed. Also the women in this book are just badass in every chapter and I think it’s important to read novels where women aren’t soft creatures. It’s important to let our female characters make mistakes and give them the opportunity to fix them, and S.T. did such a justice to this book in that aspect.

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    Happy reading!

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