Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

“What’s fair, after all? We had everything taken, you had everything given. Let’s change one for another.”

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Lauren Tranter is a sculptor, a wife, and the new mother of two twin boys, so naturally her world has been turned upside down and tired doesn’t even begin to describe how she’s feeling. Ever since the night in the hospital when Lauren called the authorities after a mysterious woman threatened to take the boys and trade them with her own creatures, everyone has been looking at her like she’s losing her mind. When everyone around her hides behind smiles of pity for the mother of a newborn, she feels like she’s at her wit’s end until sinister signs begin appearing in her home.

Joanna Harper is the Detective that was called to the scene when Lauren called for help, and against all odds she is determined to believe Lauren and to help ease the new mother’s worries. Facing disciplinary action and losing her credibility she continues to look into an investigation that may just be a figment of someone’s imagination, one that leads her to question many of the things she believed in; Joanna is no stranger to tragedy and soon it becomes personal.

In this modern retelling of a Celtic fairytale A Brewery of Eggshells, Melanie Golding spins a suspenseful tale of a monster beneath water, a mother losing grip on her sanity, and twins who change before everyone’s eyes; One that’s certain to keep you reading no matter how creeped out you are.

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I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way sways my opinions of it’s contents.

My Thoughts:

This is one of a few horror/suspense novels that I’ve read and one of the very few horror fairy tale retellings I’ve come across, for reference check out “A Brewery of Eggshells” it’s a creepy old Celtic story about twins being stolen by faeries and the mother has to drown the changelings in order to get her twins back. The novel is slow to set up with the “scary” aspects but with the way the story progresses between the POV’s of Harper and Lauren it makes sense. Harper is essentially the devil’s advocate of the whole situation because no one believes Lauren, not even her own husband (who I would drown). The way that her mental health is drug through the mud in this book seriously made me cringe because she was the only one who truly knew what was going on, like seriously no one believed her. Imagine everyone else telling you that what you see isn’t real even though you’ve gotten physical scratches from a demonic entity to prove it. There were a few moments while I was reading that I audibly whispered what the f**k because it got that weird. The writing style was easy to follow and the dialogue wasn’t just meaningless filler, my emotions ebbed and flowed with the novel rather than against it.

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  • I loved seeing a woman as a detective and also Joanna represented the LGBGT+ with her relationship with Amy, the flirtatious journalist.
  • Author kept true to the original story but also kept it realistic to modern standards, and also somehow managed to make the problem that the MC has to get out of completely believable.
  • The characters all had intense internal conflicts which I love.


  • Some parts lulled or seemed repetitive at times.
  • Shoddy mental health rep (it was used to further the story line but I cannot ignore it)
  • The men were misogynistic pieces of trash like I could have throttled them ALL.

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At the end of it all I rated this novel 3.7/5 stars, it was clear that the author truly did their research and took their time to make sure the story was well developed. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel.

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Thank You for reading!

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