Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas // Let’s Talk About It

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“Find the evil in the castle…but the only truly evil thing in this world is the man ruling it.”


Erilea was once a great land teeming with magic and beauty but since the reign of King Havilliard darkness and violence has settled across the land as he wiped out nation after nation to stake his claim. Magic has become outlawed and all of the fae have gone into hiding.

Celaena Sardothien is Erilea’s most feared assassin, and after a year in the infamous Death Camp Endovier she’s propositioned by the crowned Prince to fight in a tournament and win her freedom. This young killer has more secrets than scars, and her secrets are closer to being revealed with every body that turns up.

In the debut of The Throne of Glass series, Maas with take you on a mysterious and dangerous adventure into the life of an assassin, an ancient castle, and the dark power that endangers it’s inhabitants

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My thoughts:

So since this is a re-read it won’t really be a full on unbiased review, which leads me to introduce my laid back book reviews Let’s Talk About it, where I’ll just be highlighting some things that I noticed instead of being so analytical.

I read Throne of Glass for the first time in 2017 and coming back to read it again was……a glitch in the simulation. I’m a huge Sarah J. Maas fan and I love everything about this series but this first book was such a weak installment and did nothing to show the last half of the series the justice it deserves. So I’ll just make a few points:

  • I found the characters to be very vain and selfish this time around, and they lacked depth.
  • It seemed that Celaena was more so worried about how people viewed her rather than figuring out what was truly going on.
  • Dorian was the one person I noticed the most difference from, and if I had to connect a character with the most development or change in the series it would be him. First book Dorian and Seventh book Dorian are insanely different and I was honestly sad reading this book, if only he knew what was about to happen…a moment of silence please.
  • Chaol was just way too obsessed with making sure that Celaena was under control because he was clearly losing control of his life as Captain of the Guard. I found his obsession with convincing himself that Celaena was inherently evil annoying and tedious, it was obvious there was some internal hatred going on and I was NOT here for it.
  • The villains of the book were definitely the stronger aspect and the mystery was well laid across the plot.
  • The one thing that I noticed was that Maas literally barely laid foundation for the rest of the series in this one. I truly believe that the story doesn’t begin until the second book which kind of makes this book…pointless in my opinion.
  • I just felt like the pacing was off and while she was setting up her series I found myself rather bored and forcing myself to finish and I promise you I didn’t feel this way last time. I’ll be reading Crown of Midnight soon so stay tuned for another “Let’s Talk About It”
  • I rated this 3.5/5 🌟

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    “You could rattle the stars, you could do anything if you only dared.

    Thank You for reading!

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