And We Call It Love by Amanda Vink

Release Date: 6.1.2019


Clare and Zari have been the greatest of friends since Zari moved to her hometown, inside jokes, and days filled with music mark their bond with plenty of love sprinkled in between.

When Zari starts to fall for the wealthy son of successful author Irving Mallory her parents encourage her to build a relationship to further her writing abilities and make connections but Dion Mallory is a boy with dark secrets. When Zari becomes distant and her new relationship threatens to derail the friendship her and Clare have, it seems as if nothing will be the same again.

This YA novel written in prose is heart wrenching and sweet, portraying a tale of friendship overcoming even the darkest of situations. Amanda Vink does an amazing job of navigating high school love and important relationship issues. Trigger Warning: Relationship Abuse

I received this DRC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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My Thoughts:

When I first requested the book I did so because I loved the cover and any book about friends with a strong relationship is one I enjoy reading. I didn’t know that it was written in prose until I opened the book but that didn’t sway my opinions of how the novel flowed or the story itself. I absolutely loved the innocence of Clare and Zari’s relationship, they would write songs together and perform them on street corners just for the sheer fun of it all. Clare would make the melody and Zari would write the story, two peas in a pod, inseparable ’til the end.

“We’ve been friends since Zari moved here. Since then everything between us is shared”

Zari receives a sort of writing internship with a fellow professor of her father’s and she’s thrown into the arms of Dion Mallory who quickly becomes possessive of Zari and isolates her from her friend Clare. While Zari is busy Clare has recently grown eyes for Zari’s older brother Wilson who plays guitar as well and it’s woken up a side of her music that she never experienced before; awoken something in her heart she never experienced. Clare’s parts in particular were some of my favorites because of her insane passion to be herself and to never let her music falter even when it felt like her world was falling apart.

TW: Abuse

Zari never really expected to meet Dion but their relationship took off as young lovers usually do and eventually she found herself spending more and more time with Dion and less with her best friend. With her parents telling her that Clare was no good and Dion emotionally manipulating her and physically hurting her Zari retreats into herself and loses all sight of why she began writing in the first place.

“I’ve been writing poetry for a long time, though for me it’s not about the fame or fortune. It’s about the way words come alive on paper and the way they seem to know me.”

It was definitely heartbreaking to watch the two main characters go through such a struggle and truly not have each other to lean on but as we all know love will prevail, as will courage and strength. It wasn’t until they realized that nothing could truly separate them that they were able to break free from their chains and it was empowering to read about two young people do that.

“Love is like an invisible string. And no matter where you go or what you do or how long it is between talks, it never breaks.”

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Wrap up:

I thought this novel was well written and concise, I thought that within the shortness of the book’s pages she portrayed good supporting characters, built strong relationships. and evoked plenty of emotion/conflict to capture the readers. I also liked that she tied in situations that the parents went through that shaped their parenting styles and choices. The story was written perfectly for it’s targeted audience and had me reminiscing on crushes I had in high school, I rated this novel 4/5 🌟

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Thank you for reading!

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