The Lunar Chronicles: Cress

“Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. Maybe it’s the opportunities we’re given, and what we do with them.”

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In the exciting third installment in The Lunar Chronicles we follow the loveable and slightly erratic Cress. Under the watchful eye of her thaumaturge Sybil Mira, Cress has been forced to spy for Queen Levana for her entire life with only the technology in front of her for companionship. After the attacks on Earth Cress is determined now more than ever to help Cinder complete her mission and dethrone Levana, and if finding love is in the mix Cress is all for it.

Emperor Kaito is still battling the ever demanding Lunar Queen to keep his commonwealth safe from harm. With his search for the missing Princess leading to no end Kai is forced to make a choice; Capture Cinder and turn her in or marry Levana and sign away his life as well as his throne. But what choice does anyone have when Levana always has a few tricks up her sleeve?

Cinder and her ever growing band of rebels will travel the world and the stars surrounding it in the fairytale retelling of Rapunzel, and they might even steal your heart along the way. Click the picture to go to Goodreads.

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My thoughts:

So obviously by now we know that it’s do or die for Cinder & Co. and any misstep can lead to the death of the people they care about. I was looking forward to this book for a few reasons but the main reason was getting into Cress’s story! Cress was born Crescentia, a lunar shell. Instead of being killed she was exiled to a satellite in space to do the bidding of the Queen, she cloaked Lunar ships, made untraceable recording devices, anything that could be done remotely was all due to Cress and her ingenious ability behind a computer. Even though she’s had little to no human contact her entire life she wants to find someone to fall in love with, just like the movies ya know?

“She dreamed of deep soul connections and passionate kisses and daring escapades. She was certain that he simply had to meet her, just once, and he would feel the same way.”

So they all hatch this plan to get Cress out of dodge and it should be easy but of course Sybil catches onto the plan and tries to foil it which leads to our band of heroes being split up and all of them assuming that their friends are dead or being tortured or all of the above. This led to one of my least favorite scenes for a book…..DESERT SCENES. I just think there’s only so many times you can talk about being thirsty and hot and the chapters involving the desert for this particular book almost lasted too long but thankfully Meyer pulls out of it in time and kept the story going.

There isn’t a whole lot I can speak about without revealing some major plot points and I am determined to keep this series of reviews spoiler free, but this was a great segue into the final installment Winter. Meyer does a great job introducing a new threat ( the plague mutating) and also adds more of a character driven feel into the story. This book really made me fall in love with the characters and overall adventure more which I appreciated.

I am an explorer setting courageously off into the wild unknown. My life is an adventure. I will not be shackled to this satellite anymore.”

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Wrap up:

Literally any version of Rapunzel has always been my favorite especially Pixar’s Tangled. Cress really is thrown into the fire in this book and forced to thrive or die and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to her. She’s forced to look at things from such a pure perspective because she’s been alone for so long. My review for Winter will be way more in depth and detailed, this book didn’t have a whole lot going on but the events that take place are crucial to moving along the story so I didn’t want to expose anything for anyone. I’m going to read Fairest soon since I skipped over it and went straight to Winter so that review will be thrown in here somewhere. Thank you so much for reading this laid back review and I hope you’re enjoying your adventures in The Lunar universe if you’re reading the series!

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Until next time πŸ“š

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“The people of Luna don’t need a Princess. They need a revolutionary.”

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