Siren’s Lure: An Aermian Feuds Novella by Frost Kay

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Hayjen has been taken captive by Scythians onto a slaver ship to an unknown location that only means suffering and pain at the hands of the Kingdom. Being the only man taken captive Hayjen bravely takes the lashes for the women and sweet child Mer who he’s taken as one of his own, with no answers and only the sea in sight he holds onto his surrogate daughter and her sweet lilac eyes.

Lilja is a brave pirate captain, her crew of men strike hard and fast when set with a task and take no prisoners for their leader because she allows none. Her niece is missing and Lilja is determined to get her back even if it means drudging up painful memories from her past. Lilja is determined to save her family and keep her secret from being exposed as long as she can.

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In this Aermian Feuds Novella Frost Kay will take you on a high seas adventure with creatures from your favorite sea stories and characters that will quickly capture your heart. Click the picture to go to Goodreads.

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I received this DRC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, this in no way sways my opinions of this novella

My thoughts:

I requested this for a few reasons, the cover, the description, then the fact that it was a pirate adventure. Other than that I had no clue that it was just a novella within a series so I set it to the side thinking I couldn’t read it and ladies and gents I am pretty upset with myself because this story ended up capturing me within it’s short 184 pages. (Being that this was such a quick read it will be a quick review)

We follow Lilja and Hayjen who eventually end up sailing off into the seas together to fight slavers but this is how they initially met. It’s not surprising that Hayjen is literally everything you could want in a hero; handsome, caring, brave, you name it. He would stand in danger to save others and take the pain with barely a grimace if he could manage it. He was kidnapped and taken from his sister months previously and is being taken to an unknown location by barbarians and this sweet young girl named Mer steals his heart and he vows to protect her with whatever he has. Which leads us to Lilja!

Lilja is Sirenidae which means she is one of the most powerful creatures in the kingdom and if she were to have her secret revealed her entire family underwater would be killed because they aren’t supposed to exist. This is the feminist pirate badass that we all deserve. Being a siren she’s sexy, intelligent, and deadly which she proves more than once throughout the novella. Not to mention she is so sweet and wise but that isn’t because she’s had it easy. Lilja was forced into sex slavery to breed for the Scythians and got pregnant and ended up losing her baby. This highlights two important subjects of trafficking and miscarriage/infertility that people don’t really like to talk about and to see that in a novel made me kind of proud because it takes courage to talk about the hard stuff. There was one scene with the women on the ship that really made my heart melt as well and one quote that stood out in particular.

“Others belittled things about your body so that now you look at it in a negative light. Don’t buy into what they say. You I my have one body. Love it and take care of it. Their opinions only influence you if you let them.

Body positivity is for everyone. If your body positivity doesn’t span a spectrum of people it isn’t body positivity. This quote is so important because so many people of all shapes and sizes struggle with body image and it doesn’t discriminate against age or gender either. Yes I’m talking about my trans brothers and sisters as well.

This story is told in past and present every other chapter and that proved to be slightly confusing at first but it didn’t hinder my reading at all.

I do have to give an honorable mention to Blair, the second in command on the ship because of his strength and his everything to be honest. He cared for Lilja in a way that people rarely ever see and he would have given her the world if she asked for it. I won’t say much because I don’t want to give away any details but I need everyone to experience these characters because I love them 😭

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Wrap up:

All in all I thought it was a well written and thought out plot. It can be read as a stand-alone story but also after reading this I will be starting the Aermian Feuds series to see the origin of this story. Kay did a wonderful job of giving you enough information without revealing any important plot points from other novels and I wasn’t confused whatsoever. I want to give praise for her characterization and the execution of the story, it was honestly over too fast. I rated this novella 4.1/5 🌟

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Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Siren’s Lure: An Aermian Feuds Novella by Frost Kay”

  1. While it’s a novella to a series already out, it doesn’t sound like you need to read the series before reading this novella, which is good. It definitely sounds like something to read to see if the series is one to get into, although pirates, sirens, underwater adventures… YES! And yaaaas for body positivity, your comments on it were perfect! Great review!


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