T10T: The Longest books that I’ve read

I’m a pretty daring reader I’d like to say, I don’t normally ever read books under 200 pages because I feel they present no challenge because I read them in an hour and a half. My average page count is around 400 but the bigger the book the more I love the challenge. Let’s get to the longest books I’ve read ✨

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Starting off with Winter by Marissa Meyer, I recently finished this tome that contained a whopping 827 pages. It took me longer than I would have liked to finish it but I am so in love with this series and the adventure that she spun within it’s pages. I’m definitely going back to read the novellas.

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I was very apprehensive to read Tower of Dawn which spans 664 pages simply because Chaol was a terrible terrible person to Aelin. This book redeemed his character for me because at the end of it all he becomes so selfless that I know he’s going to do his best to help fight the Valg Kings. Did I mention that Kingdom of Ash comes out in 14 days?! Empire of Storms was 693 pages of “what the hell is going on..” but also it featured a lot of The Thirteen which I loved. This is my favorite installment of the series but Queen of Shadows makes a close second favorite coming in at 648 pages because of Celaena’s revenge storyline.

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I love the Illuminae Trilogy more than words can describe, and I am going to try and re-read this series very soon. It’s book full of action and heartbreak and SPACE. The first book in the series spans 602 pages, the second book holds 659! and the last book holds 615! Give me all the tomes.

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This is a series that needs absolutely no introduction and it’s a series that I’m currently re-reading in between my actual TBR! The Goblet of Fire has 730 pages, The Order of The Phoenix has 870 pages, and The Half Blood Prince has 652 pages!

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Ellen Hopkins is a writer that defines my love for prose in her body of work, these books are raw and often times have sad endings but damn do they leave you reeling. I haven’t read these books in a long time but you know what? Gonna make that a priority. I am going to begin her new book People Kill People next week and I’m pumped. Tilt contains 608 pages, Glass contains 681 pages, and Impulse contains 666 pages.

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I am throwing it all the way back for this one. The Twilight series is one that I was in middle school completely obsessed over. I can’t seem to get this series out of my head as of late so I’m thinking a re-read is in order? I know they really aren’t that great but nostalgia. Eclipse contains 629 pages and Breaking Dawn contains 756 pages!

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Thank y’all for reading! What are some the longest books on your shelves?

2 thoughts on “T10T: The Longest books that I’ve read”

  1. Long books intimidate me 😂
    I’ve just finished Children of Blood and Bone, which was just over 500 pages, and it took me two months to read it. It was a pitiful attempt, haha! It’s so funny that I could devour the larger Harry Potter books within a day when I was younger but now I have trouble reading a chapter in a day.
    I’m really looking forward to reading the Illuminae trilogy though!


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