The Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

“18 Days.They’ve had her for eighteen days.”


Scarlet Benoit’s world is turned upside down when her grandmother and closest confidante goes missing without a trace. When the police decide to call off the search she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands and head straight into the places that only the scariest people go. The two promised to never keep secrets from each other but was there one right in front of Scarlet all along?

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On the run from Queen Levana and the Eastern Commonwealth Cinder meets an unlikely fugitive companion and the two embark on a wayward journey to find Michelle Benoit, the pilot that was sent to Luna all of those years ago to secure Cinder’s future. Still stinging from her final encounter with Emperor Kaito at the ball, Cinder’s growing uncertainty isn’t only because of her new found Lunar heritage.

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Emperor Kaito is now faced with his upcoming nuptials with Queen Levana and his impending death as well. His hunger to find the missing Princess Selene only doubles in size when he discovers that Queen Levana has been keeping secrets from Earth to fuel her ulterior motives to rule the world.

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In this thrilling second installment we follow a wayward fairytale retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Meyer will have you on the edge of your seat with an action packed adventure until the last page. Click the picture to go to Goodreads.

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This section contains spoilers read ahead at your own risk.

My thoughts:

After the first book I was hungry for more background and just more about the story overall. This story introduces Scarlet the granddaughter of famous pilot Michelle Benoit who was tasked with taking care of Cinder when she first arrived on Earth. The entirety of this book takes place in France but there wasn’t much in the way of French theme minus the fact that they were there. I have to admit the introduction of the Lupine lunar soldiers was interesting and it added to the mystery of the plot. Essentially Scarlet is on the hunt for her Grandma after the cops call off the search because everyone just assumes the batty old lady who sympathizes with Lunars finally ran off and obviously the sympathy runs in the familial genes…among other things.

“We all know crazy runs in her family. First that old goose runs off and now Scar’s defending Lunar rights!”

The search for her missing family leads her straight into the hands of a mysterious fighter by the name of Wolf, and at gun point she forces him to help because he’s the only one who has any idea what happened but there are secrets to Wolf that could be deadly that all begin with a tattoo.

“LSOP962. Loyal Soldier to the Order of the Pack: Member 962”

This same kind of tattoo was found on the arms of the kidnappers dun dun dun…and if you’re a smart cookie like me you know that any person that doesn’t belong on earth in this book is probably one of Queen Levana’s goons.

Spoiler incoming

Meanwhile on the other side of Paradise….Cinder is in custody after threatening Levana’s life at the ball and just found out that she is in fact the missing lunar Princess Selene! So with the sparkly new appendages that Dr. Erland left her she breaks out of her cell and falls right into the hands of Captain Carswell Thorne, a deserter and all around thief. With his help and one lucky spaceship they’re off to find the one person with answers from her past. Michelle Benoit. Throughout the book Cinder is faced with using her powers and the internal struggle of not wanting to turn into her aunt. Thorne’s unlikely companionship strangely helps Cinder find her confidence even when they’re in serious trouble.

“The Lunar heir was a myth, a conspiracy, a legend…How could her diligent, proud grandmother living in small town Rieux, possibly be involved?”

Emperor Kaito is preparing for his upcoming nuptials with Levana and is no closer to finding the missing Princess than before, but with tensions rising between Luna and Earth more secrets are being revealed and Kaito is not happy to say the least. Dueling with his feelings for Cinder and his need to save the commonwealth he makes the decision to relinquish any and all Lunars to Queen Levana in order to prevent war.

“Now that it’s been brought to my attention, how easy it is for them to blend in with the populace, we will be taking additional security measures to both keep Lunars from emigrating here, as well as find and export any that may be within our borders.”

These intertwining story lines didn’t really hold my attention like wish they would have. It was just a lot of moving around with little reward at the end. I historically find myself rather bored with sequels, I wasn’t invested in Scarlet or Wolf and I was bored up until the end and that’s not because the story wasn’t good I was just itching to get into what Queen Levana was going to do. The Climax was pretty fitting but I didn’t understand how devastating it all was until the death toll was mentioned at the beginning of the next book.

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Wrap up:

Now I hope y’all don’t think I hate the series because of this review because truly I just never have good run ins with the second book in a series 😂 I am almost done with Winter the last installment and I am proud to say that I love this series and everything that it has to offer. Reading the other books also made me love this book more as crazy as it seems. I would have to break apart the whole plot of the 3rd book to tell you why it made me love the second book so I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned for my next review. I rated this book 4/5 🌟

─── ・ 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚. ───

My review of Cress is up next, see y’all soon

5 thoughts on “The Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer”

  1. I can’t come back to read the whole review when I finish Scarlet. I read Cinder years ago and have been taking forever to get back to the series. Scarlet seems like a fun read as well! i can’t wait.

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