3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

I was nominated for this lovely challenge by Kelly ! Who is also a book blogger that I just genuinely enjoy on a personal level, she’s very open and genuine about her struggles with mental illness and we share some of the same difficulties so to say that I adore her would be an understatement! Go follow her πŸ–€

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Now to the good stuff. The point of this tag is to post 3 quotes over the course of 3 days, it can be any quote that stood out to you so for this first one I have to choose a quote from A Reaper at The Gates by Sabaa Tahir which I wrote review about here ✨

“Curse this world for what it does to the mothers, for what it does to the daughters. Curse it for making us strong through loss and pain, our hearts torn from our chests again, and again. Curse it for forcing us to endure.”

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Now when I first came across this quote I was literally screaming “yeesssssssssss say that” at my book obnoxiously and then I read that particular passage over again. This quote was one I passed over when I wrote my review but that was one of the first reviews I wrote after getting into blogging seriously!

I love this particular quote because it resonates with me in a way that I’m sure many women can relate to. Our bodies are seen as expendable, our ideas, our feelings, and our wants are over looked because to be blunt men think they are worth more. I’m not going to say “not all men” because if you’re not trash you shouldn’t take offense. Our strength is equated with how much hurt we can handle, how many kids we can carry on our hips, what meals we can make. I know I’m not the only one that’s heard a fellow woman talk about her struggle within her relationship, or being talked down to in the work place, or even struggle with assault or infertility and the first thing we say is “oh you’re so strong” because we have no other choice but to pick up the pieces and keep moving. Do you ever sit there and think about all of the things you’ve been through as a woman and just get tired? Because you don’t ever truly realize the burden that you bear until you let it sink in. This quote also spoke to me in light of recent events in the media.

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ───

I just want to let you all know that if you’re a survivor of assault, abuse etc. Or a woman who struggles with infertility, or a woman who feels like she has nowhere to turn to that you are not alone. There is strength and solidarity in numbers and yes this world is cruel and unforgiving to us but don’t you ever forget that we refer to this very planet as Mother Earth, we respect her divine nature with the title of Mother and that same divinity is within yourself as well. We have the ability to create life, we have the magic to endure, we are strong, and we will never be silent.

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ───

What’s your favorite quote?

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