Banned Books Week 2018

Censorship has been a longstanding issue in publishing of many kinds but especially books. What are some reasons books get banned you ask?

  • 📚Racial Issues
    📚Encouragement of “Damaging lifestyles” i.e. homosexuality, co-habitation w/o marriage, drug usage
    📚Sexual Scenes or Dialogue
    📚Religious affiliations/Witchcraft

And so many more 🤯

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Popular banned books:

While the people who ban the books believe that they’re somehow saving people from an unwanted experience it’s actually very harmful. Many of the books that have been banned in the past have been instrumental in the shaping of certain ethnic cultures in literature like The Color Purple by Alice Walker which has become an important read for African American literature classes from HighSchool to College level courses because of the experience of a young black woman during the racial tensions of the south.

Others such as The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald have been banned for their showmanship of racy behavior and infidelities. This is also a very popular read for classes.

Often times these books that are banned include experiences for readers that they could relate to or that would give them insight into how the past could be! Or honestly it’s just a really good book.

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What happens when a book is banned?

When a book is banned it’s taken from publishing, printing, the works. It’s removed from schools, or sometimes in the past they’ve even burned books to show that they meant business. A wonderful book about censorship that I read in school for fun was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury in which they actually burn books to keep the population from reading them.

Another book about censorship that I would absolutely recommend would be 1984 by George Orwell. The ending really left me thinking and haunted because of how hopeless everything seemed at the end of it all.

The very first banned book is under some debate The Christian Commonwealth (1640’s) or The Meritorious Price of our Redemption (1650’s) for going against the Puritan belief system. Isn’t insane to think about the fact that words can be so hated that people try and take away our very right to see them? I for one could never stand for it.

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Some of 2017’s popular Banned Books:

A lot of the books on the banned list have been turned into multiple movies or even television series that you can watch. While controversial they are important to know about! Here’s a list of frequently banned books by year Link here

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This year:

2018’s theme is speaking out against Censorship and the silence that follows when literature is banned. There are plenty of cases where a book is taken off and put back on the list repeatedly and that’s due to your voice. We the people do have the power to speak out against the things that leave us shaken and that we deem to be injustice and I know when talking about books it seems slightly dramatic but it’s true! We cannot let our leaders take from us when they will never walk a day in our shoes. People find their voices within banned books, movies, music etc. We find diversity, inclusion, representation in banned books. We find solidarity in banned books. We find ourselves in banned books. Don’t let your future be censored! Read a banned book today!

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