Zodiac Challenge πŸ“šβœ¨

Hiiiiiiii, I’m going to do my own tag because I’m itching to do a blog post that requires some TLC. Are y’all ready?

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Here’s the link for my original post of the Zodiac Challenge here ♓️

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What’s your sign?✨

Water sign- A book that made you emotional:

Okay I mentioned These Broken Stars in my Mid Year Freakout tag because this series was a breath of fresh air in the book void I was heading toward. TARVER MERENDSEN & LILAC LAROUX FOREVER. There was a part near the end of this book where my heart was SHATTERED. I was sitting there jaw open at 2:30 in the morning because I was so caught off guard, I’m trying to make this more than just caps lock but all I can say is that this is a series I’m purchasing and will pay good money to have signed by these wonderful women. 10/10 recommend this series if you like sci-fi/romance. I could re-read this series multiple times and I think I just might pretty soon πŸ˜‚ Even with the romance the plot is really good and it makes you question what lengths you’ll go to for someone you love. The link leads to Goodreads.

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Earth sign- A book that brought you back to reality:

Dreamland is a book that I’m scraping the dredges of my memory for way back to my baby HighSchool days. I remember reading this book and empathizing with Caitlin because she really wanted a love that would shatter her world into pieces but it didn’t end up shattering in a good way. Sarah Dessen is an author I enjoy going back to for cool down reads and just a story that’s great until the final word. The link goes to Goodreads.

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Fire sign- A book that made you angry while reading:

Of Mice and Men is one I’m pretty sure we all had to read for class at some point or another but I read this because everyone was behind in my class and I was like why not? This made me so mad reading it because it just seemed like a lot of unnecessary death; metaphors be damned. It’s nice to have this in my repertoire but George can take a long walk off a short cliff.

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Air sign- A book that you felt smarter after reading:

Gemina. I will never, I repeat never stop talking about the wondrous adventure that is the Illuminae Files. In the second installment there’s art, tactical violence, and quantum theorem. I kind of had to go through and read the last part a couple of times because my mind was like ??????? Not only is this completely original but I love when teens get the best of evil adults. I mean evil. This is a story I’m forcing everyone to read and I promise you won’t regret it πŸ˜‡ Click the link!

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Lilith Sign- A book with a villain that haunts your shelves:

A Reaper at the Gates I just finished this book a few days ago and The Commandant would have to be the number one reason why I put this here. I’ve never met someone so willing to ruin lives for their own entertainment. Anyone who knows Keris Veturius knows that absolutely no one will stand in her way because those that do, get cut down mercilessly. I’ve read so many books about magical villains with terrible powers but she takes the cake. Dolores Umbridge is now a safe #2. Go click the link and start the Ember in the Ashes series.

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Mars sign- A book that fulfilled your wants and needs:

The Poet X Before I read this book the last book I read that was written in prose was Tilt by Ellen Hopkins and I was hungry for some good prose. This tore me up and spit me out, especially the scene at the end with Xiomara and her mother. I love poetry and Sylvia Plath is one of my FAVES, Elizabeth Acevedo just made my list as well. Such a life changing read for anyone who has felt silenced or who’s trying to find themselves and their song. I already mentioned this book in my Mid Year Freakout but I’ll mention this book 100 million times before I get tired of it.

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Mercury sign- A book that spoke to your soul:

This is not me being lazy this book is a part of my soul and inspired me in so many ways so here’s a dual mention.

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Venus sign- A character from a book that you would totally marry if given the chance:

Throne of Glass I would marry Rowan Whitethorn in -2.5 seconds. His character isn’t introduced until later on in the series but damn, what a killing machine. I’m a sucker for a good ol’ fae male and he’s also royalty so WIN WIN. If you’ve read it you know exactly what I’m talking about and if you haven’t you should read and fall in love 😘

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Thanks for reading y’all! ✨

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