“What’s your sign?” Zodiac Book Tag

So this is something completely unique to my blog, I’ve wanted to try and create more book tags rather than building upon ones that people have already made. That’s not to say that the other ones aren’t good enough but I want to stand out a little bit 😘

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Astrology seems super inaccessible because of all the strange words that come with it, I know when I saw Chiron, Ascension, Node & Degree when I thought you had one sign my head started SPINNING. Here are some websites that are easy to use when looking for your natal (birth) chart.

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There will be two parts to this! The first part will be a basic overview of the signs that you can do ✨

  1. Water sign- A book that made you emotional:

  1. Earth sign- A book that brought you back to reality:

  2. Fire sign- A book that made you angry while reading:

  3. Air sign- A book that you felt smarter after reading:

  4. Lilith Sign- A book with a villain that haunts your shelves:

  5. Mars sign- A book that fulfilled your wants and needs:

  6. Mercury sign- A book that spoke to your soul:

  7. Venus sign- A character from a book that you would totally marry if given the chance:

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The second part will be for each sign of the zodiac! You do not have to do both, it’s whatever floats your boat ✨

    Aquarius- The most intelligent character you’ve come across:

    Pisces- The most emotional character you’ve come across:

    Aries- A hot-headed character:

    Taurus- A materialistic character:

    Gemini- Best character duo you’ve come across:

    Leo- A character that’s a huge show off:

    Cancer- A character that’s underestimated:

    Libra- A character that’s well balanced:

    Virgo- A character with a darkside:

    Sagittarius- A character with the most development:

    Capricorn- The most bossy character you’ve ever come across:

    Scorpio- A character with a lot of sex appeal:

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    Post the logo
    Have fun

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I hope you guys enjoy this! When I found out my natal chart through CafeAstrology it helped me further understand how my signs shape who I am and I encourage everyone to find theirs.

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Let me know what you think!

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