A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

“A thousand years of deceit. A thousand years of plotting and planning and atonement. All for this moment.”


War is coming and no one is prepared to pay the cost of it. Elias is now sworn into duty as the new Soul Catcher simultaneously relinquishing his freedom, Laia is still on a mission to stop The Nightbringer which leads her closer and closer to darkness, and The Blood Shrike is more determined than ever to serve her Empire and protect her sister from the wrath of Marcus Farrar.

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In order to save what is left of their home each must face perils unknown and evil that has followed them their entire lives. Tahir will bring the series to a head with the third installment in her series A Reaper at the Gates. What secrets will reveal themselves? Goodreads synopsis here.

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My thoughts:

Okay so I’m gonna cut straight to the chase here, I was reading this on and off for a week and all I could think about was “Is Helene okay?????” There were definitely important things revealed but Helene’s parts were the ones that kept me reading. Long story short it was a good read but I was more frustrated at the characters than anything else.

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Laia: So I love me some Laia and this whole book I just wanted to shake her and hold her at the same time because she kind of realizes that she’s been tugged along on this string and no matter what she does it doesn’t look good at all. I found myself thinking that she had literally lost her mind but she was just trying to be The Lioness when she should have been trying to be Laia. I admire her courage in this book but hated when she was too stubborn to listen, at the end I couldn’t help but love her for her willingness to sacrifice.

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Elias: I was not impressed with him this book….not because his parts weren’t well written but because it was a giant war over his humanity the entire book and the last 100 pages is when he was finally like “maybe, just maybe, I should get my shit together.” I found myself kind of interested in Elias at the beginning of the chapter and then at the end of the chapter slightly more interested in Elias. I am intrigued to see what happens with his character in the next book though even though I was like “eh”. This book wasn’t Elia’s story though so I can understand my lack of interest.

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Helene: Just wow. I was captivated by her character’s story the whole time, I was stressed trying to get through the other characters’ POV’s to get to her. Helene really is the hammer of this book (pun intended) and my heart bled for her during this book, although not as much as she bled for her Empire. The sacrifice she gives at the end of this book was a HUGE one but it only made me adore and respect her more. I am totally and completely #TeamBloodShrike. Are hashtags about characters in a book still a thing?

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The Commandant: By now everyone already knows I hate this woman but damn is she good; she always knows how to throw a wrench in the plans and she always knows how to leave you angry at a book. Just sleep with one eye open okay? Prepare to spend the whole book pissed at what this woman knows because I guarantee you that you don’t even know what she knows but she knows that you don’t know. Get what I’m sayin???

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This wasn’t one of my favorite installments but it wasn’t one of the worst, the ending of the book made up for a lot of my criticisms about it, I just felt like it was drug on a bit but that could be because I took so long to read it! All in all, I cannot wait for the next story! Only one more year 😭

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“You dare to put those you love before all of humanity, child? You dare to be so selfish?”

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Happy Reading! ✨

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