A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

“But you are no swift burning spark. You are a torch against the night- if you dare to let yourself burn”


Laia and Elias are on the run with no end to the bloodshed in sight. After their harrowing escape from Blackcliff with help from the Augurs they’re on a dangerous mission to Kauf to save Darin.

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Helene is The new Blood Shrike, the right hand to merciless and vengeful Emperor Marcus Farrar who has sent her on a mission to capture her long time friend Elias and bring him to the Empire for public execution.

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Told from the POV of Helene, Elias & Laia, Tahir spins yet another tale full of secrets and monsters that should be dead. Can Helene keep true to her Gens Motto “Loyal to the End”? Can Laia & Elias escape the wrath of the Emperor long enough to save Darin? Goodreads synopsis here

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My thoughts:

Okay. Originally I was going to write this long winded post full of spoilers but there was a plot twist and a lot of secrets revealed in this book so I don’t think that would be fair especially with a story like this. I also ended up buying the Nook book for A Reaper at the Gates (the third installment) right after I finished if that tells you how much I wanted to know what happened next.

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Laia: I honestly felt bad for Laia in this book because you can tell that she’s fought so long and so hard and she’s tired. She didn’t ask for any of this and she definitely doesn’t deserve it. I absolutely hated that at points she doubted herself or the decisions she’s made because the road paved to Kauf was not a bloodless one. There is something super cool that happens to Laia and it plays an integral part in the story for sure.

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Elias: This boy spends the entire book in turmoil inner AND outer. Like baby come here and let me hold you 😭 Elias’ strength and cunning come in handy a ton in this book but something happens that kind of makes it hard to keep things together. The parts that included Elias were ones that kept me super intrigued because it included a certain Forest that shall remain nameless. Ugh, there is so much I wanna say but I’m keeping my lips sealed.

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Helene: I have something to say to the author right now. Why would you put Helene through this? You’re going to spend the whole book having some heart strings tugged on by this woman. Her loyalty and ferocity is something to fear but her feelings make you want to reach out and shield her from her life (she wouldn’t let you though) Her new title of Blood Shrike is supposed to come with respect and power but it seems everywhere she turns someone is determined to undermine her. Never mind the fact that she has to hunt down the man she’s in love with while she serves one of her greatest enemies. PLUS The Commandant lives up to her nickname as The Bitch of Blackcliff forsure.

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The Commandant/Marcus: The complete and utter lack of empathy of these characters astounds me. They are so okay with spilling the blood of thousands in the name of their honor but are hell bent on saying “it’s for the empire”. This book features Keris Veturius in rare form, not that she hasn’t always been a bloodthirsty Mask but in this book? She’s sneaky, rude, condescending and plain EVIL. I’d much rather have her on my side than anything else but she has no sides but her own. Marcus Farrar lives up to the disgusting character that he was in the first book but he’s haunted by the fact that he killed his brother. He only uses his grief to propel his rage against those who oppose him and the only reason he’s not dead is because of luck? Like there’s no need for him because he holds no power just secrets and he has powerful allies to hide behind. Essentially he’s a giant deadly baby with a crown, I hope he gets taken out in some outlandish way because what he does at the end of the book was horrific.

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This story wasn’t as heart racing as the first installment but it definitely had me on edge urging the characters to reach their goals and I was more invested in the characters than ever. I have no clue what I’m going to do waiting for the 4th installment to arrive. There isn’t a whole lot I can say without revealing so I’m going to reluctantly end this here.

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Once again if you haven’t read this series you should start! If you didn’t like it I would love to know why because I know everyone is different! My review of the first book Ember in the Ashes can be found here ✨

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“So as long as you fight the darkness, you stand in the light”

Happy Reading! πŸ“š

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