September 2019 TBR

Hey y'all I'm back with my September TBR for your eyes to enjoy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── β€’ I have quite a few books to get through this month and I've already finished one so next up on the list is Fumbled by Alexa Martin I love. This story as I… Continue reading September 2019 TBR


WWW Wednesday

Hey y'all, Happy Wednesday!✨ ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── What I Recently Finished: β€’ I absolutely loved Work For It by Talia Hibbert it completely consumed every part of my being and I am the biggest fan of Griffin Everett forever. Here's my Review✨ ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── What I'm… Continue reading WWW Wednesday

ARC Review // Work For It by Talia Hibbert

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── Synopsis: Griffin Everett is the resident outcast in the small village of Fernley and the people treat him like he’s a permanent eyesore on the prim and proper town. During his free time he helps at a local farm producing recipes and helping the Elderflowers grow, and when… Continue reading ARC Review // Work For It by Talia Hibbert

August 2019 Wrap Up

Hey friends! I hope you're ready for Fall because September means all things spooky are coming and I can't be stopped. Anyways, here's my Wrap Up for August✨ ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── I was introduced to the wonderful literary world of Tessa Dare this past… Continue reading August 2019 Wrap Up

Book Review // The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── Synopsis: Penelope Campion is by all means a spinster and an outcast in her town. With her obsession with taking care of animals of all shapes and sizes she has effectively pushed everyone away and if she can’t make her family believe she can get rid of her… Continue reading Book Review // The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare

WWW Wednesday

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── What I recently finished: β€’ The Wallflower Wager was sooooo good! Anyone that hasn't read The Girl Meets Duke Series should go read it RIGHT NOW. My review will be up on my blog soon πŸ₯° β€’ Godsgrave was a completely iconic story and I'm so stunned by… Continue reading WWW Wednesday

Book Review // Romancing The Duke by Tessa Dare

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── Synopsis:Isolde Ophelia Goodnight has spent her life in the shadow of her father’s stories The Goodnight Tales. Countless fans and admirers love Izzy for the story that her life was centered around but all Izzy has wanted her entire life has been someone to love and care for;… Continue reading Book Review // Romancing The Duke by Tessa Dare